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Sign Language – In Depth Post #3

Due to snowing weather conditions I have been unable to meet with my mentor in person but “since sign language is a visual art” as said by my mentor, we were able to hold our meeting over FaceTime. In our… Continue Reading →

ZIP final result – my script



My initial inquiry question was how to write a script. What drew me to it was I have always been into the theater and acting so I wanted to know why scripts are the way they are. During the process… Continue Reading →

Inquiry Plan

Looking back at my original inquiry plan, even though I would like to do multiple styles of scripts, I do not think I will be able to with the time I have left. What I think I am going to… Continue Reading →

Valuable source

While researching my question I found this amazing website that shows you step by step what should go into a script. It explains what everything is called, what everything means, and where it should go. The link to the website… Continue Reading →

How the style effects the actor reading it

A new question that I have come up with is the effect the script style has on the actor reading the script. I would like to include this in my final presentation by getting the person i am presenting to,… Continue Reading →

How to write a script

I would like to learn how to write a script because I have always been interested in acting and having done a few plays with Lindjberg Academy. I have a few old scripts and in each of those scripts they have a different way of showing when… Continue Reading →

ZIP Doc of Learning #4

The thing I would tell myself at the start of the project is that research something that more people are wondering about. Right now with my ZIP project I was curious about debate and I learned a lot about it,… Continue Reading →

ZIP Doc of Learning #3

My inquiry question hasn’t developed much, but what has developed is my idea of how I am going to present my research. While researching for my project and deciding what should I do to present it all, I was thinking about… Continue Reading →

ZIP Doc of Learning #2

My inquiry question was one of the more basic questions so I felt like I had to enhance it to its fullest potential. Getting it to its fullest potential means researching more on the topic itself, which I have done…. Continue Reading →

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