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In depth

This Is It, My Last In Depth Post

Throughout the process of this project, there have been many paths I could have taken. There are three mains paths that I see I could have taken; the first path was  learning from a teacher that I knew who knows… Continue Reading →

Sign Language – In Depth Post #4

“English and ASL are two completely different languages. You would be able to explain something in 20 minutes in ASL that would take an hour to verbally explain.” -Abby Sienko. In my last meeting with my mentor she brought up… Continue Reading →

Sign Language – In Depth Post #2

I finally got the chance to meet with my mentor over the weekend. My mentor wanted to get me into what it is like when using sign language in most environments; she did not speak, she only communicated to me… Continue Reading →

Sign Language – In Depth Post #1

Start up weeks are always slow, and I haven’t been able to meet up with my mentor yet, my progress has been slow. Since I haven’t met with my mentor face to face it has been a bit hard to… Continue Reading →

Intro to sign language

For in depth this year, I am going to learn American sign language (ASL). There are many different types of sign language but ASL is the most commonly used in Canada and the United States. Sign language is a visually… Continue Reading →

Final In Depth Post – It’s So Close!

This is it, my last in depth post for this year, the time has flown by so fast. I have learned so much from my classes and my mentor, I just finished up my classes last week and I am… Continue Reading →

In Depth Week 11

Over spring break there were many opportunities that I took to accelerate my learning. I went to my classes three times a week and I met with my mentor as much as possible. When my mentor and I meet we… Continue Reading →

In Depth Week 7

There are many things that are working well with my in-depth project progress. What I think is going the best is having the two different sides of what I am learning, I am getting most of my physical learning from… Continue Reading →

In Depth Week 5

I have only emailed and talked with my mentor a couple times, and especially since I have changed my mentor from my kickboxing instructor to Mr. Chan, our Vice principal, there hasn’t been much interaction. Even though we haven’t met… Continue Reading →

In Depth Week 3

My mentor gained their experience from working at the gym iLoveKickboxing. They got all their experience the same way I am going to be getting mine, through classes. To get a job at iLoveKickboxing, you do not need any previous experience. Being athletic and enthusiastic… Continue Reading →

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