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WWII DOL – Canadian perspective on the Holocaust

The main cause of the Holocaust started when Adolf Hitler was appointed German chancellor on January 30, 1933, setting in motion what would become the Nazi genocide against Jewish people. Negativity about Jews quickly spread across the world and when it got to… Continue Reading →

Fay Wray Speech

 Dangling from the giant hand of King Kong, while airplanes fire their machine guns at the beast, the damsel in distress of the 1933 King Kong was portrayed by the Canada born Fay Wray.  Fay Wray and Robert Riskin: A Hollywood Memoir was written by… Continue Reading →

How Sir John A. Macdonald Used His Power

If you had the power of being the first leader for a new country how would you use it? Sir John A. Macdonald was the first prime minister of Canada and he used power for the greater good, of himself. He… Continue Reading →

Fay Wray

“After months of hospitalization, she was allowed to come home. The first thing she did was reclaim her children.” (35)  What intrigued me about this passage is how the first thing she, Fay’s mother, thought of when she got out of the… Continue Reading →

Canada – Country, Nation, or Post-national State

” There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada. Those qualities are what makes us the first post-national state.” -Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (2015). This is the controversial statement that I will be discussing along with answering the question… Continue Reading →

Canadian Confederation Role Play

Final Address as John A. Macdonald My fellow colonies, thank you for everyone’s input on the matter and we have been listening contently to what each and every one of you has said. On behalf of Canada West, our final thoughts on the matter are… Continue Reading →

Independent Investigation #2 Inquiry

To what extent did the mass amount loyalists from America moving to the Maritimes have an impact on the British winning the war of 1812? Journal of Charlotte Secord April 8, 1782 We have to flee, the Americans are executing all of the loyalists. Mother… Continue Reading →

DOL – Hamilton; Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

This song is set after Hamilton dies and it acts as the epilogue. All the people who have ever known Hamilton are there. They explain how Hamilton had helped them and their country. When they ask who will tell their… Continue Reading →

Independent Investigation #1 Inquiry

What lead Europeans in the 17th century to desire beaver fur specifically? Why? Fashion has been and is always something people are thinking about. Today there are many different styles and trends that everyone wants to try. It wasn’t much… Continue Reading →

Timeline of English Civil War- From Battles to Beheading


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