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Doubt kills more dreams than fear ever will



Canadian Confederation Role Play

Final Address as John A. Macdonald My fellow colonies, thank you for everyone’s input on the matter and we have been listening contently to what each and every one of you has said. On behalf of Canada West, our final thoughts on the matter are… Continue Reading →

Independent Investigation #2 Inquiry

To what extent did the mass amount loyalists from America moving to the Maritimes have an impact on the British winning the war of 1812? Journal of Charlotte Secord April 8, 1782 We have to flee, the Americans are executing all of the loyalists. Mother… Continue Reading →

DOL – Hamilton; Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

This song is set after Hamilton dies and it acts as the epilogue. All the people who have ever known Hamilton are there. They explain how Hamilton had helped them and their country. When they ask who will tell their… Continue Reading →

Independent Investigation #1 Inquiry

What lead Europeans in the 17th century to desire beaver fur specifically? Why? Fashion has been and is always something people are thinking about. Today there are many different styles and trends that everyone wants to try. It wasn’t much… Continue Reading →

Timeline of English Civil War- From Battles to Beheading


King James I vs King Charles I- Venn Diagram


Wheel of Revolution


Dear Amelia

Dear Amelia, My dear friend, I fear for your safety.  My village is quite paranoid and afraid. They are going around to many of our houses and taking away the women who are the misfits, not married, know about medicine,… Continue Reading →

Sourcing a Significant Personal Object

Inquiry question: What is the story of my favourite teddy bear? Who created it?: GUND the company When and where was it produced?: It was produced in 1985 in Korea What other events or developments were happening when the source… Continue Reading →

Why do events happen, and what are their impact?

Most of the time events happen because someone wants change to happen, and to get change they have to take matters into their own hands. Martin Luther King Jr. was someone who wanted change or African American people, he wanted… Continue Reading →

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