Throughout the process of this project, there have been many paths I could have taken. There are three mains paths that I see I could have taken; the first path was  learning from a teacher that I knew who knows sign language but doesn’t teach it or use it in their day to day lives. The second path was taking a class and learning with other beginners from someone who is used to teaching but it wasn’t one on one. The third path was learning from a family friend who is part of the deaf community and uses sign language everyday. I think I chose the best path which was the third one; learning from someone who depended on sign language for their day to day life gave them a deeper understanding of the language and made my learning more in depth. Learning from someone who wasn’t submerged into the community wouldn’t have gotten me to delve deeper into my work and learning through a class wouldn’t have gotten me the one on one work I needed and wouldn’t have let me focus on what I wanted to learn.

For my final project I plan on presenting on the stage. I will be signing on stage while there are translations on a PowerPoint behind me. on the PowerPoint it will have one side with the English translations, and the other with the ASL translation. It will just be a brief overview on what I have learned, sharing just the topics and no examples. After my presentation I will try my best to not speak if I know how to sign it and I will allow people to come up to me and ask me simple questions. Hopefully that will give people a better understanding on what I have learned.