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April 2019

Fay Wray

“After months of hospitalization, she was allowed to come home. The first thing she did was reclaim her children.” (35)  What intrigued me about this passage is how the first thing she, Fay’s mother, thought of when she got out of the… Continue Reading →

Canada – Country, Nation, or Post-national State

” There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada. Those qualities are what makes us the first post-national state.” -Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (2015). This is the controversial statement that I will be discussing along with answering the question… Continue Reading →

Sign Language – In Depth Post #4

“English and ASL are two completely different languages. You would be able to explain something in 20 minutes in ASL that would take an hour to verbally explain.” -Abby Sienko. In my last meeting with my mentor she brought up… Continue Reading →

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