Due to snowing weather conditions I have been unable to meet with my mentor in person but “since sign language is a visual art” as said by my mentor, we were able to hold our meeting over FaceTime. In our last meeting she taught me colours and family signs. Since there are gender signs, the family signs took up most of our time but it was very valuable to learn. In sign language, from the nose up is masculine, and from the nose down is feminine. So to review what I have learned so far is the alphabet, numbers 1-10, colours, 5 Ws, and family signs. I have also learned a few random signs so we can communicate during the lesson. Instead of adding short clips of every sign I’ve learned in each meeting into each blog post, I was thinking as part of my final blog post that I would create a short YouTube video of all of the signs I have learned and post the link on my final blog. Also I will add a video of my presentation and link that as well but to a separate post.

During this meeting with my mentor I used numbers 4, 5, and 6. Some new information I gained centered around the family signs and how nose and above is masculine and nose and below is feminine. In this day and age where gender can be a tricky subject I asked how you would sign that to probe further into the topic. This then led into a discussion of a new point of view and alternative perception. She said that there are a few LGBTQ+ sign language courses where they teach you how to sign without using genders. For now she has taught me if there is no gender then you sign in the middle of your face or nose area.

It was notably harder to have an effective meeting when circumstances kept me from meeting with my mentor in person, but it gives me another challenge in my road to learning.