Start up weeks are always slow, and I haven’t been able to meet up with my mentor yet, my progress has been slow. Since I haven’t met with my mentor face to face it has been a bit hard to incorporate the first three aspects of How to Have a Beautiful Mind, because there has been no sort of disagreement or difference in opinion yet.  I have been able to incorporate one of the three aspects though and that is how to agree. When making plans to meet up with my mentor through her busy schedule I was able to use guideline #7, see if there are any circumstances in which the other person’s views might be right; originally I asked to meet up twice a week for about an hour each because I didn’t want to take up too much of her time. When she later responded she said “Though I understand this is an assignment, two hours a month is not a lot of time to practice,” and that we could meet up more then twice a month. I completely agreed with her in this situation and saw how her views were right. I didn’t think we needed to meet up more then twice a month but for a longer period of time, so now we have agreed our sessions together will be about two hours long and if we need more or less time we will discuss when the time comes.

Though I haven’t had my mentors guidance yet, I have been able to use other sources to expand my knowledge. I have memorized random signs such as apple, mom and dad, please, thank you, sorry, and many others. I have also memorized the alphabet and numbers 1-10. Now even though I have memorized random signs, they don’t do me much good without knowing how to put them into sentences. When I meet up with my mentor she will teach me more commonly used signs for conversations and help start getting those signs into sentences. I am ready for what is to come and excited to delve deeper into the world of sign language.