For in depth this year, I am going to learn American sign language (ASL). There are many different types of sign language but ASL is the most commonly used in Canada and the United States. Sign language is a visually conveyed language that is used for the deaf who cannot hear auditory languages. While some deaf do learn to read lips and speak, sign language is the easiest option of communication. Signs are specific hand moments that represent a word, one wrong movement and you could be saying a completely different word. Even though sign language is portrayed through movements of the body, it should not be confused with body language.

I am wanting to learn this because even though it won’t come up as frequently as being able to speak another language, you never know when you encounter someone who is unable to hear and/ or speak and being able to communicate with them would be an amazing experience. I also have an idea for a career path and with that career path I may need to know how to communicate with people who only know sign language. Also, personally if ASL could be a class and count as a language like French or Spanish, I would definitely take that as my language course.