I would like to learn how to write a script because I have always been interested in acting and having done a few plays with Lindjberg Academy. I have a few old scripts and in each of those scripts they have a different way of showing when a person is speaking and when a person is acting. I’m excited to learn what the reasons are for script writers using the different styles and what effect it has on the actors. Like I said before, I have previous experience with scripts and different styles of them. I think my previous knowledge and curiosity for script styles will help me succeed in my work.

I hope that by the end of this assignment I gain a better understanding of how scripts are written, how they affect the actor who is using them, and what different styles of scripts there are. Beyond Mr. Morris I can use my peers and people I know from acting to support my research. Also, a main resource I will be using is the internet; if I can get a hold of some, I will also use other scripts as sources.

I plan on showing my work by writing my own short story and turning that into scripts using the different types/styles I learn. I will get the person I am presenting to, to read off the scripts and I’ll record which one everyone likes best and why and if I get a chance to I will share those results to the whole class.

As of right now we have eight assigned class days; in the background I will always be working on the short story. I think I can evenly split my work in half so for four days I can research and take notes on different script styles and types and the affects they have on the actors, and then the other four days I can turn my short story into the scripts using the styles I choose. I will always be working on this in the background though.