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November 2018

A Wizard of Earthsea Style Analysis

So far, Le Guin’s writing style is very selective and vague when using imagery. I’d say Le Guin’s writing leaves holes in the images and our imagination. When we read most books, they give us a clear image of the important things, such as the main character,… Continue Reading →

360 Degree Leader


A Wizard of Earthsea Anticipation Guide

The statement I chose is, you are most happy when you can do whatever you want. I disagree with this statement because if people could do whatever they wanted there would be chaos in the world. There are rules in… Continue Reading →

Career Interview

The three pieces of wisdom about being a teacher I have learned from interviewing Paige Perry are Even though it isn’t the highest paying job for the amount of time you go to school, it is the most fulfilling You… Continue Reading →

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