A short story of one kind hearted man, one thoughtful wife, and one ignorant husband’s simple lives. In the story we see Morley and Dave have a number of interactions with Emil; they both approach their interactions with him in different ways. Throughout the story though, we don’t see much change in the characters; they all stay the same. Dave stays stubborn and against the idea that Emil can be any close to equal with him, Morley stays kind and patient towards Emil, and Emil stays thoughtful and overlooked by others but it still doesn’t bother him. What Morley learns from Emil in this story is kindness pays off. Morley is nothing but kind to Emil and she is rewarded in the end  when Emil wins the lottery and “he [gives] Morley five hundred dollars,” as a thanks. What is really special about this gesture is that Morley wasn’t expecting it; she is just being kind to be kind. I think the theme of this story is, when we treat everyone as equals with respect and kindness we can often see that kindness be returned in unexpected ways.