Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

For my independent novel I have chosen Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It was written in 1817 when Mary was 18 years old, was anonymously published in 1818, was republished with Mary’s name on it in 1823, and is 209 pages long.


We start and end with a series of letters written by Captain Robert Walton addressed to his sister. The middle is Victor Frankenstein telling the story of his past, why he made his monster, and how he has vowed to find it and get his revenge.

In the first 70 pages in the book, the actions that impressed me was less from the character himself but more who he was talking about. Frankenstein speaks of the noble actions his father did before he was born.

His father had a more powerful position with the town, yet he still went out of his way to help a friend in need. These actions reveal how loyal, and determined he was. We see all this when “He lost no time in endeavouring to seek him out,” as “it was ten months before my father discovered his abode.” (pg. 32). He did not give up on his friend; he kept looking for him for months on end. He wanted so badly to find his friend yet as the months went on he feared that he would not find him. He faced many external conflicts such as weather and terrain that can interfere with the efficiency of searching for his friend. Being externally exhausted can lead to negative internal thoughts such as giving up and going home.

I think the development of the character is realistic but is also not. To explain, I think it is realistic because there are people with higher positions that will go great lengths to help those who don’t ask for it. I think it isn’t realistic because, especially now a days, people will try to help others, but ultimately won’t complete the task. If there are too many challenges or the task takes too long to complete most people end up giving up. Most people also wouldn’t help people without being asked, now I say most because there are still people that do but it doesn’t happen often. I agree with how the character has responded and acted. I think we should emulate this character because he has been nothing but thoughtful, persistent, and caring throughout not only this scene but the other scenes too.

Relating this back to TALONS, I can relate to this character on both the external and the internal conflicts. When hiking with TALONS, the terrain and weather can be unpredictable. Often, we can predict what it will be but sometimes nature can throw us curve balls. The rain, cold, and exhaustion makes us want to turn back and give up on our trip. If I was in his situation I don’t think I would be able to take the same actions as he did. If I knew a friend was in need I most likely wouldn’t take any actions until my friend had asked for help and I would not spend that much time searching for the solution. The approach I would take is wait until I see the problem or until I am asked to help. If my help is needed I would find the quickest way to help, I would not spend ten months trying to fix their problem. Maybe in life or death situations but other than that. Even though I love all my friends dearly, I do not think I would be able to have the determination or commitment to spend that much time trying to fix a problem that is not my own and may or may not even be fixable.