In total, my ecological footprint was 7.08 hectares. When I compared with my peers their footprint was within one hectare of mine, there were only a couple of people that I asked where they had less then me. Mia had 6.7 hectares and she was one of the few that had less then me. Other people that I asked were Rowan who had 9.25 hectares and Dylan who had 9.7 hectares. I would say my footprint size is the average size or even on the smaller side of our classes footprint sizes.

The Plan:

The ten actions that are currently increasing the size of my footprint are:

  1. Having my showers be longer then 10 minutes
  2. Buying/receiving brand new clothes
  3. Having my room to person ratio 3:1
  4. Spending most of my travelling time with just family in my car
  5. Spending over an hour using an electronic device
  6. Using a car with four doors for most of my travels
  7. My family uses two cars
  8. None of the food I eat is organic
  9. Eating beef twice a week
  10. Eating non-free range eggs

The five actions that I will take to try and reduce the size of my footprint are:

  1. I am trying to cut my showers done to be less then 10 minutes. I believe the thing that is taking up the most time in my showers are washing and rinsing my long thick hair, but I am cutting about a foot of my hair off so I believe that will cut my time down. I chose this because I have always taken longer showers and I have been trying on cutting down y time for a while because it will save me a lot of water.
  2. I absolutely love going shopping and buying brand new clothes but after I do I throw away a lot of my old clothes and the cycle continuously happens every time I buy new clothes. I have been trying to find old clothes from around my house and make them into new clothes. I have been doing this for a while and it has helped me reuse a lot of old clothes that I would have thrown away. By trying to cut down on buying new clothes and reuse old clothes, this will save me money and help me to throw less clothes away.
  3. The travelling with just of my family in my car happens a lot throughout my week because I live quite a ways away I have my parents drive me to school 3 times a week. I bus home everyday after school, and I bus to school twice a week. I am trying to get to and from school independently as much as I can. Doing this will cut down the pollution that goes into the air, and it will also save my family money in gas money.
  4. Everyone in my family is very active and we all have places where we need to be, in many cases we have to have two people in two different places at the same time. We often need to use two cars to have this done, having me get myself to the places will help to make it so there always isn’t an absolute need for the use of two cars.
  5. My family doesn’t usually buy organic foods for most of the year. During the spring we do plant our own food and in the summer it is usually ready to harvest, so we do eat that but only when it is harvesting season. That is our organics, but we could eat more organics throughout the year.

To cut my showers down, instead of doing each action individually, I could combine steps. Buying less clothes and reusing old clothes will help me cut down on my shopping. Using public transit and carpooling will help me with travelling with my family only and with using two cars. Buying organic foods throughout the year and growing my own food will help with not eating organics.

The Reflection

Cutting down my showers was easier because I started combining steps and that cut out about 5 minutes of my shower. Over the time of when I started, instead of buying new clothes, I made three shirts out of old clothes and a pair ripped jeans. I have been using public transit much more then before and it has been helping not use personal vehicles for single uses.

The one change I struggled doing was eating more organic foods. Organic food are usually more expensive so my family didn’t get the chance to buy any organic foods.

Some of the obstacles that I encountered are the fact that these actions that I do are habits by now so it was hard to break my habits. The main obstacles that were most prominent was not having my long showers and buying the organic foods. The obstacle with not eating organic food is more because of cost of organic foods and the fact that my family wouldn’t buy organic food just for me.

The actions that I plan to take in the future are trying to continuously cut down my shower time, continue to take public transit, try to eat more organics, and keep in mind everything that I could be doing to lessen my ecological footprint. there are no specific steps I can take because steps are when I take the step then it will fix my problem, but all of these actions have to be continuous. The small steps I take such as continuously watching my shower time and continue to take public transit will help me start remembering good habits.