This is it, my last in depth post for this year, the time has flown by so fast. I have learned so much from my classes and my mentor, I just finished up my classes last week and I am super excited to present what I have learned. Along with finishing up my classes, I have also been meeting up with my mentor and we have been discussing what the best ways to display my learning. My mentor likes the idea of how I am going to present (will be explained in the next paragraph). I would say one of my successes is how far I have come with my learning. I started knowing maybe two types of punches and one type of kick, now I know at least six types of punches and three types of kicks, so I have tripled my knowledge. A challenge that I definitely say one of my challenges has been meeting with my mentor, we both have very busy schedules and when we did meet it was for short amounts of time and the help with my techniques were minimal. I do hope to still continue to meet with my mentor until in depth night.

I am very excited for how I plan to present my learning. I plan to do a live performance, run somewhat like how I would learn in my class. Since I do only have a minute and a half I won’t do all the warm ups, just the moves. I hope to loud enough that I won’t need a microphone, but other then that the only other on stage materials I need is a bag and my gloves. I have a bag but I am not sure where I could hang it so that may be a problem but I am sure we will figure it out. in the minute and I half I am given I am hoping to explain what kickboxing is and show as many moves as I can. I will show each move as many times as I think necessary. The time constriction will restrain me to probably only do the two basic punches (jab, cross and hook), one basic kick (roundhouse), and one or two special moves (spinning back fist, spinning back elbow, or superman punch). I will also mention at the end of my performance that if anyone has any questions, they can feel free to ask if and when they find me.