Over spring break there were many opportunities that I took to accelerate my learning. I went to my classes three times a week and I met with my mentor as much as possible. When my mentor and I meet we usually talk about what I learned in class and he helps me improve my form. Right now he is mainly trying to help me with my roundhouse kicks as I don’t fully turn my body when I do them. There are other gyms that have kickboxing classes that I am considering attending to reinforce new learning.

The classes I have currently been attending I have been learning the basic moves such as: jab crosses, hook punches, upper cuts, front kicks, and roundhouse kicks (I had pictures of me demonstrating these moves but unfortunetly my files are bigger then the maximum capacity so I was unable to upload them). They have also taught me more complex moves such as the superman punch, spinning back fist, and side kick.

My classes run on a specific schedule yet we always do something different. We start off with a simple warm up to get our heart rate up, this includes jogging, burpees, squats, and crunches. These warm up help to work on our core, abs, arms, and legs. We do a simple stretch after to make sure we don’t pull any muscles. Then we get into the fun stuff, the kickboxing. This is where we do all of the punches and kicks. We have six rounds and in each round we have a different combo, a combo is a mix of moves. Round one is always jab cross which is the simple punch. Then for the next five rounds we will do combos like jab, cross, left hook, right roundhouse, right roundhouse. We do this combo as many times as we can in three minutes and then we move onto the next round. After we have done all six rounds we do partner work, one partner will hold up a target while the other punches. Once the partner work is over, we finish with cool down stretches.

This routine is always in this order but the classes are never the same because you get different combos every time. This routine is also just for this gym, when I branch out to other gyms I will most likely get a different routine.