Dear Amelia,

My dear friend, I fear for your safety.  My village is quite paranoid and afraid. They are going around to many of our houses and taking away the women who are the misfits, not married, know about medicine, or live alone. I send you this warning because they are executing those women for witchcraft, I don’t want to see you end up with this fate in your village. They say the women are turning to the devil to get what they want. The accused are getting burned at the stake. They were doing these tests, as well, to the women beforehand. They strapped them to chairs and threw them in the river to see if they would float and cut their arms to see if the cut would heal itself. Many people had to witness it. I am not even entirely sure that you will receive this letter, I don’t know how long I have until they take me away. You know my history with my petty theft, if they think I am a misfit I will be burned at the stake along with the others. I was just trying to get some bread for myself, ever since my parents passed, I don’t know what to do with their land, and I haven’t been able to make any income. I hope you receive this letter in time and find sanctuary somewhere where they cannot accuse you of anything. They took many women away from their homes and convicted them in the witch trials yesterday, they are going to look through the rest of the cottages tomorrow. I will most likely be taken away. Please Amelia, take my warning, and stay safe.

Signed your friend,