There are many things that are working well with my in-depth project progress. What I think is going the best is having the two different sides of what I am learning, I am getting most of my physical learning from my classes and then I am getting tips and technique from my mentor. Since I have some previous technique from other activities that I have done I “have amazing power in my kicks,” and “it seems natural” for me. My mentor, Mr. Chan, is helps me with techniques and asks what I learned after I go to a class so he knows how far I’ve gotten. What could be working better though is the amount of times that I meet up with my mentor, I am going to classes once a week and then I only see my mentor twice a week. I know that is how many times we are supposed to be meeting with them, but when I am going to class once a week and then getting technique and routine help every two weeks it sometimes feels too spaced out. I have recently emailed my mentor seeing if we could meet more frequently depending on his schedule.