Inquiry question: What is the story of my favourite teddy bear?

Who created it?: GUND the company

When and where was it produced?: It was produced in 1985 in Korea

What other events or developments were happening when the source was created?: In 1985, the top toys were Wuzzles and Cabbage Patch Koosas.

How might they have influenced this source?: Since there were many new toys coming out, GUND had to make sure that people remembered them and that is why the made their slogan “Gotta Getta GUND” making the company’s name one of the most recognizable names.

What do you notice that is important about this source? What is interesting: Personally this source is important because the company made my favourite bear. it isn’t just my favourite bear though, it was the first birthday gift my mom ever gave to my dad, then they passed it on to me. What’s interesting is even though the company was founded in 1898, and made bears for my parents, it still is a successful company today and does lots of charity work. Their most recent  charity work was  “giving huggable joy to children in need” using the hashtag #howdoyouhug on social media.

Why do you think that the creator made the source? Who was the audience?: I think that when the company was founded, teddy bears were people’s favourite toy, and I think the creator at first made the source to do what everyone else was doing. As time went on though and other toys started to some out, the company stuck with their bears and made them as loveable as possible. The audience that they intended the bears to be would be children I assume, but now we know that a lot of couples exchange stuffed animals as gifts. Little did they know, the stuffed animals they were making were being sold to people of all ages.