I have only emailed and talked with my mentor a couple times, and especially since I have changed my mentor from my kickboxing instructor to Mr. Chan, our Vice principal, there hasn’t been much interaction. Even though we haven’t met much, the times we did meet and talk were very helpful and useful. The first time we talked, he told me where he got his experience, and how if he had known how much interest there was for kickboxing in the school then he would had lead a club. What went well in that first session was it was short and sweet. It was informative in little time which really worked for both of our schedules. The second time we talked, he asked me more about what exactly was in depth and why I choose kickboxing. In that session what worked well was he was asking what I wanted to get out of this project and he was asking more of the questions so I could answer. Between the first and second time we talked, I had gotten to know about him past experience and he had gotten to know about what experience o want for the future. With both sessions we had figured somethings about each other that were really basic and were good starting points.