The thing I would tell myself at the start of the project is that research something that more people are wondering about. Right now with my ZIP project I was curious about debate and I learned a lot about it, but it isn’t really a question that everyone else was wondering. At the beginning I had other ideas but there were things that stopped me from doing them. I think next year I will go with the first question that comes to mind. Usually the first question I think of is the most interesting. Also when thinking about my presentation, I’d tell myself to remember about audience interaction. At the start I was thinking about doing this project all myself and it would’ve taken maybe an extra week, but now that I have audience interaction with my presentation I have finished my project with time to spare. Overall the main two things that I would tell myself at the start is, go with your instincts, with your first question, and don’t try and do this all on your own, remember about the audience, it helps.