My inquiry question hasn’t developed much, but what has developed is my idea of how I am going to present my research. While researching for my project and deciding what should I do to present it all, I was thinking about audience interaction and decided to change how I was going to present my knowledge. When I started my ZIP project, I had decided to learn what makes a good argument. I was going to present it by finding a question, do UFOs actually exist, and research it and argue both sides of it. When in class we had a discussion, the topic of audience interaction came up. As the discussion went on, a new presentation idea developed in my head. Instead of arguing both sides of a question myself, I am going to find a question that intrigues the whole class and teach them to argue their sides. I will print a summary for what I will teach them and a criteria sheet for what their argument should look like. They won’t get the full experience because in order to make a full proper argument they should have researched the topic before hand, but obviously they won’t get the time to do so. What they will mainly be learning and then putting into action is stating their argument and their side, and then knowing how to rebuttal. I will be teaching them as they go and the whole thing should be a good lesson and fun activity.