Before the night of the notables I intended to teach people about body acceptance, what Ashley Graham went through and what she had learned, and how she is helping spread that awareness. Whilst Night of the Notables was going on, people came to my learning center thinking that my eminent person was just another model and they didn’t really see her eminence. Once I started talking about her and explaining her story and situations people really started seeing how relatable she is and how she has shaped society. They left my center not talking about Ashley Graham as a regular old model, but as a model who loves herself and tells others they should too. There are so many girls out there that are gorgeous but the listen to what society says is pretty and they think that since they aren’t that, that they aren’t pretty. While talking to some people how came to see my center, we moved away from just body size acceptance and started talking about plain old body acceptance. We talked about the model with a skin condition and the down syndrome model and how they all learned to love themselves no matter what other people said. What I think people got out from my learning center is that there are so many beautiful girls out there that don’t see there beauty because society puts this perfect girl imagine in their heads and they think that they aren’t all that so they aren’t pretty. This imagine doesn’t only effect big girls “It goes from big girls to little girls. It goes from Spanish girls to Black girls. It goes from White girls to young girls. It’s everyone in between,” (Ashley Graham in Glamour), so we all have to remember this and help spread awareness by loving ourselves and lifting others up and not pushing them down.