1. I think I met my goals, spreading awareness wise but the actual construction of my learning center I could have done much better. My learning center didn’t look nearly as pleasing as I hoped and I was a bit disappointed with myself. But when people started talking to me and asking me about my eminent person they were really interested with what I had to say and they left knowing a lot more about how body shaming affects society and what Ashley has done to stop that. I think I would plan out my learning center better to make it more visually appealing for the future. 
  2. I will always remember putting my research and my passion for what Ashley does to good use. Whilst researching for Ashley I grew this connection with her because I could really relate with her and when I told other people about her I could tell that they could really relate to her too. Spreading the awareness and my passion for it is something I will not forget. 
  3. I would really like to thank the grade 10s for leading the way and helping me when I needed it and Mr. Morris for making this project really quite memorable.