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December 2017

ZIP Doc of Learning #2

My inquiry question was one of the more basic questions so I felt like I had to enhance it to its fullest potential. Getting it to its fullest potential means researching more on the topic itself, which I have done…. Continue Reading →

ZIP Doc of Learning #1

Some of the resources I have used to get to where I am now, which is on schedule, are the notes that Mr. Morris has given me and these two websites; and . This resources have taught me the key things I… Continue Reading →

Junior’s External Conflicts

One of the greatest external conflicts that Junior has is the fact that he is in poverty. The fact that he is in poverty constricts many things that he is able to do. He tells us about taking Penelope to his schools Winter… Continue Reading →

How to be a REAL Success

I think that the Relationship portion in How to be a REAL Success is important in TALONS because TALONS is usually focused around leadership, but as stated in the videos if you do not have relationships with the people you are leading then… Continue Reading →

ZIP Proposal

Inquiry question: What makes a good argument (debate wise)? What would I like to learn: I would like to learn the key components to a good argument and how I can argue for both sides. I chose this skill because I’ve never… Continue Reading →

Night of the Notables Assessment

I think I met my goals, spreading awareness wise but the actual construction of my learning center I could have done much better. My learning center didn’t look nearly as pleasing as I hoped and I was a bit disappointed with myself. But when people started talking… Continue Reading →


“Ashley Graham (Model).” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 2 Dec. 2017, Graham, Ashley. A New Model. Vol. 1, Rebecca Paley, 2017. “Turns Out, Jennifer Lopez Helped Launch Ashley Graham’s Modeling Career.”, Hendrix, Kelsey. “Ashley Graham Stars in #ImNoAngel Lane Bryant Commercial.”, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit,… Continue Reading →

Night of the Notables Learning Intentions

Before the night of the notables I intended to teach people about body acceptance, what Ashley Graham went through and what she had learned, and how she is helping spread that awareness. Whilst Night of the Notables was going on, people came to… Continue Reading →

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